Southern Tails Dog School
Grooming Salon

We believe that our dogs are limited only by
 our imagination, not by their innate abilities.
Class Descriptions
  1. Best Puppy Class
    For all pups 10 wks-16wks. (We will take small pups at 20 wks) We understand your pup will NOT be through with it's vaccines before entering this class. Click to read the AVSAB's statement concerning the issue of puppy classes.We take serious precautions to assure your pup a safe environment. Do not miss this class! It contains much needed info BEFORE your pup reaches 16wks. 6 wks $140
  2. HEEL Class
    This course is for those who seriously want to learn how to teach their dogs to HEEL. It is a huge accomplishment to be able to walk off together and keep your dog's attention on the task of heel. Being able to 'heel' with your dog, will give you a well earned feeling of security. We will also do some fun things during the class to keep everyone challenged. 6 weeks $140
  3. Beginner OB 101
    For all dogs over 4 1/2 months to adult. This is a beginner obedience class that gives you the skills to teach your dog to sit, stay, down, come, off, look, touch, to focus on you and more. The course includes how dogs think and how they learn. With your new training skills you will be be able to communicate to your dog what you want it to do. 6 Weeks $140
  4. Lights Camera Action!
    This course teaches what it takes for dogs to work in film and photo shoots along with lots of new behaviors: foot, push, pull, take it, ride, bow, and more. The class will make a video for Youtube and debut it at 4 Saints to receive their academy awards. Class size is limited to 6 students. This course is highly motivational....It is geared for dogs who love to work for food or toys. 9 Weeks -- 1 hr 15 min classes $245
  5. Private Lessons
    Are best for: Those who can't commit to a weekly evening class or those who want to work on behavior issues. They are also best for dogs who are highly reactive, fearful or anxious around humans or dogs and for older dogs who would be more comfortable learning one on one. They are also great for humans who prefer to learn the skills and techniques one on one. $180 for pkg of 3.
  6. Obedience 102
    'For all OB 101 grads or dogs with similar skills. This course builds on the commands and theory that you learned in 101. You will learn how to train your dog to respond to commands while being distracted and at a distance along with go to place', back, foot, wave, and intro to heel. You will also to learn to use a clicker, which is a 'fun' highly motivational training tool. 6 Weeks $140
  7. Canine Good Citizen
    Canine Good Citizen prep is a 4 week class for those that have graduated from 102 or have similar skills. It consists of practicing all 10 steps of the CGC test. You will learn where your dog's weak spots are so you can practice and work through problem areas. The test will be administered by appointment, on the last night of the course. 4 Weeks including the testing fee $120
  8. In Your Home
    In Your Home Training is for those that want the convenience of a trainer coming to your home for a hour private lesson verses coming to the school. It is also beneficial for those that have specific home related training needs. Depending on your location extra travel fees may be added. 3 lesson package is $280
  9. Advanced Puppy
    For all graduates of the Best Puppy Class. It is basically the same work level as the OB 101 course, but moves faster and goes further since you and your dog have already the basics. 6 weeks $140

Meet Our Team
Who are we and what do we do?
  1. Gary Hall
    Gary Hall
    Owner/Manager/Film Wrangler/Consultant
  2. Ally Thomas - Hall
    Ally Thomas - Hall
    Owner/Dog Trainer. Also the field dog trainer for film shoots.
  3. Melissa Trimnal
    Melissa Trimnal
  4. Caroline Currie
    Caroline Currie
    Dog Training Instructor and our 'In-Your-Home' dog trainer.
  5. Kate Johnston
    Kate Johnston
    Dog Training Instructor
  6. Beth Scarboro
    Beth Scarboro
    Best Puppy Class Assistant
  7. Vicki Stout
    Vicki Stout
    Salon Assistant
  8. Keri Green
    Keri Green
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Southern Tails is:
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If you are coming to us for Grooming, we want your dog's experience to be pleasant in every way. If you are coming to us for Dog Training instruction, we strive to make your 
participation informative
and upbeat. Learning how to control and motivate your dog's behavior is not only necessary, it is beneficial for developing a strong loving relationship. 
We appreciate your trust.