Southern Tails Dog School
Grooming Salon

We believe that our dogs are limited only by
 our imagination, not by their innate abilities.
Meet Our Team
Who are we and what do we do?
  1. Gary Hall
    Gary Hall
    Owner/Manager/Film Wrangler/Consultant
  2. Ally Thomas - Hall
    Ally Thomas - Hall
    Owner/Dog Trainer. Also the field dog trainer for film shoots.
  3. Melissa Trimnal
    Melissa Trimnal
  4. Caroline Currie
    Caroline Currie
    Dog Training Instructor and our 'In-Your-Home' dog trainer.
  5. Kate Johnston
    Kate Johnston
    Dog Training Instructor
  6. Beth Scarboro
    Beth Scarboro
    Best Puppy Class Assistant
  7. Vicki Stout
    Vicki Stout
    Salon Assistant
  8. Keri Green
    Keri Green
Everything at
Southern Tails is:
'All About the DOGS'
If you are coming to us for Grooming, we want your dog's experience to be pleasant in every way. If you are coming to us for Dog Training instruction, we strive to make your 
participation informative
and upbeat. Learning how to control and motivate your dog's behavior is not only necessary, it is beneficial for developing a strong loving relationship. 
We appreciate your trust.